The Founder


Ed Bham

The Ed Bham Foundation was founded in South Africa in 2010 as a benevolent organization to serve local communities, provide bursaries and support to impoverished youth.

With the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Ed Bham Foundation has consciously shifted its intentions. Drawing on the expertise of life long community youth development organizations and practitioners, local youth and a broad network of corporate, government and academic institutions. Evolving to be a vehicle of healing, empowerment and transformation. Bringing about change in the landscape of service with and for humanity, more so to provide much needed support, guidance and assistance for the innovative nature of the youth in our country, Africa and the World.

With the aim of Rolling Back Poverty and Inequality, whilst providing tools to heal from the impact of systemic trauma, the Ed Bham Foundation focuses on providing much needed vocational programs, career guidance and skills development training with a view to holistic empowerment. By ensuring youth have a space that is compassionately kind, caring and creative, youth are able to engage with their lived realities, their capacity to overcome as well as their ability to thrive, be innovative and successful in their own right.

Drawing on the principles of the ecosystems’ ability to heal itself; Evology is at the core of  the work being done at the Ed Bham Foundation. Programs such as work readiness, social entrepreneurship, training & development, innovation incubation and wholeness is established with the framework to rewilding and incorporating permaculture, thereby grounding all we do.

These programmes provides the Ed Bham Foundation with the ability to be the catalyst to unlock and unwrap the potential to create sustainable livelihoods, further harnessing the unique skills youth have to celebrate who they are. By partnering with various stakeholders, including Schools, Colleges, Universities and locally positioned Ed Bham Foundation Pods (EBF Pods), we have access to the very youth who are in need of the support to be successful. The Ed Bham Foundation, drives  participatory youth development with CareerEmployment Expos with Corporate South Africa. We are confident that with our Multi-Dimensional Holistic Youth Development Framework, Skills, Networks and Passion, paired with the support of our stakeholders, we can transform the landscape.

The Ed Bham Foundation envisions a country with youth that are aware of their ability to be creative and innovatively sustainable.

Our mission is to empower South African youth in underprivileged areas with the skillset and tools needed to attain employment or start their own business within their communities. Thereby, enhancing their community as a whole

Our Youth Development Programme is centered around the support of the Individual as a complete being, within their ecosystem. By understanding each individual journey, we are able to provide the unique support required for that individual to live their fullness.

We have taken the symbol for infinity, paired with the image of Biomimicry as our foundation of wholeness.

Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges and to find hope along the way.

At the Ed Bham Foundation we believe in the power of healing and fostering a community of consciousness and wholeness.

Our Team

Ed Bham

CEO & Founder

Granville de Villiers


Professor Bernie Van Zyl

Head of EBF - Institute Of Entrepreneurship

Dr Lientjie van rensburg

Heads Of EBF - Trades

Khaleel Arnold

Head of Marketing

Rukeya Ally

Head of Wholeness

Deneil Delgado

Head: Production

Ray Staylie

Head of HR

Anton Louw

Head of EBF - Law

Ghayaat Brown

Head of Fund Raising

Faizal Bham

Head: Outreach

Sharon Chiutsi

Support Exec

Nadeem Moolajie

Head Of EBF Connect

Keenan Olivier

Head Of Business Development

Jasmine Barron

GBV- Health

Sharon Chiutsi

Support Exec

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